More on Why Fake “Left” Against Syrian Arab State

Adel Samara

Ramallah, Occupied Palestine


Stephen Gowan’s article in Global Research January 6 2016, titled:  Fake “Left” “Anti-War” Movement Calls for “Regime Change” in Syria. In Syria Petition, an Odd “Left’ Abandoned Concrete Analysis for Demagogy, is critical, genuine, and honest one.

But there are other points that might be added to make it more beneficial.

First: Most of the people behind that petition against Syria are from and or related to the Trotskyites (Fourth International). Most of this current have a tradition of inventing too extreme positions which in the end go hand in hand with imperialism and Counter-Revolution CR. It is Leon Trotsky who invented Stalinism which finally falls in the hands of imperialism to attack USSR and even Marxism until today. That is why, the nationalist Putin is considered by US corporations a Stalinist and socialist.

The same current attacked the USSR in Afghanistan hand in hand with al-Qaida and Taliban which are the products of French, US and Saudi regimes[1]? The same current contribute to the dismantling of the USSR and Western Europe pretending that real socialism is coming! This current also supported the occupation of Iraq adopting the US promise of democratic Iraq, the same for Libya and now for Syria. The same current supports Saudi war against Yemen. Some of its effects are al-Qaida’s occupation of most of South Yemen.

Any rational thinking can’t believe that all those positions along one century are mere naïve mistakes.

Second: This current exaggerates its enmity against nationalism and tries to monopolize the defense of the working class and socialism on world scale. As an extremist, this current mixed nationalism of oppressed nations with that of colonial powers, and mixes nationalism of the bourgeois “the ruling one” with that of the popular classes “the oppresses and exploited one”.

Third: Based on the  previous points, this current guarantees a path to stand against Arab nation in a position never different from that of David Ben Gurion the most extremist Zionist and the first Prime Minister of the Zionist Ashkinazi Regime (ZAR) especially his position against Syria[2].

Here, and especially here we grasp the Zionist root of Trots. They recognize and support ZAR, until a recent time when they discovered that it is a scandal to maintain that open support.

The deep, covered, hidden and secret reason behind Trot’s attitude against Arab nation and nationalism is based on their belief that any development in Arab Homeland is a threat  to ZAR and any Arab unity means the final defeat of the white settler colonial regime the (Zionist Ashkinazi Regime). They fail to cover themselves by artificial Marxist interpretation of nationalism.

Both Trots and Zionist left elaborate a sneaky and clever trick.

1.                   They continue to attack all progressive, secular, Arab regimes, parties, and even single writer as long as they do not recognize ZAR and reject Oslo Accords by accusing him as dictator, anti-semite, chauvinist…etc.

2.                  They moved to pretend that they support Palestinian struggle separating that struggle from its Arab depth.

3.                  BUT, their support of Palestinian struggle is imited and conditioned to be against the ZAR’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and Gaza only, i.e. they are against the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees who were evicted from most of their Homeland 1948. They consider Palestine as the Land of Israel. Here they are believers in Jewish Rabbinical hallucination which pretend that God donated Palestine to the Hebrew tribe. What a nice Marxism which is based on this myth!

4.                  This fake left, like imperialism and for sure Arab comprador deliberately and continuously work to separate Palestine from Arab Homeland. While the old, new and current targeting of Arab Homeland since Merchant capitalism through colonialism, imperialism until current globalism is against both Arabs and Palestinians. The destruction of Libya, Iraq, and Syria…etc is for the benefit and maintaining of  ZAR.

As for the Counter-Revolution war against Syria, it is well known that this war is targeting Syria for many devilish goals one of them that Syria did not fall on its knees like many Arab rulers especially those of the oil Gulf, for US imperialism and ZAR.

It is so easy for anyone to say that he is against imperialism. In fact, very few human beings still dare to declare their support to imperialism except its agents. The Trots and all fake world left loudly declare their support the so-called “revolution” in Syria. Many of these left intellectuals are still writing, in Arabic, pretend that there is a real proletarian revolutionary force in Syria which is against Syrian authorities and against forces of Politicizing Islamic Religion! What a Joke? Even the Gilbert Achcar did not call this imagined “fighters” a proletariat. The fake left pretend that they are against imperialism and Wahabism as well. But at the same time all of the leadership of the terrorists who fight against Syria are supported and financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and all of them are led by imperialism, large number of those leaders’ leftists, Marxists, Christians, Trots, liberals, post-modernists and Nasserites. Those are in fact what I call them, the Intellectuals of Sixth Brigade.

I will add two more points on Trots’ politics as part of my own experience with them.

First: The Fourth International Trots group in ZAR, called MATZPEN before dissolve itself in mid 1990s, circulated a petition wrote by most Trots organizations in world scale on 1991 Gulf war  condemned both Iraqi and US regimes equally. The general secretary of that Israeli faction of Trots, Michael Warshavsky- Micado- visited me in my office in UNDP in Jerusalem asking me to sign that petition. I told him, but you must know that Kuwait is part of Iraq that was colonized by British imperialism and made it as base like Israel with only two differences:

·       The rulers are Zionists but dress Kuffiyas and carry watches. The same is the case of UAE. Oman, Bahrain…etc.

·       The people are natives, not settlers.

Briefly I told him GO.

Second: In my visit to Paris 1995, Achcar invited me to his flat. We had a hot argument from 10 am to 10 pm. Most of the battle was on Trots. He never agrees that Trots did any single mistake in all their history. The argument was hot to the extent that both of us never stopped to have a break for food or drink.

An additional point might be necessary in this context. As for the ZAR’s Trots, they were highly dependent on Palestinian left in their mere existence. They were breath from Palestinian left lungs. When Palestinian left became weak following the catastrophe of Oslo-Stan, the ZAR’s left disappeared on organizational level and became NGOised.

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