Syrian Refugees:

22 February 2016


Syrian Refugees:

 A Crisis Created by US, EU Criminal Capitalism

Adel Samara


All US and EU societies are busy today with the Syrian refugees’ crisis which is exaggerated as if it is a war not a result of a war designed and launched deliberately by the West and its agents in Arab Homeland, i.e. Arab terrorists of regimes and forces which politicize Islamic Religion as if it is a mere dependent suicide tools.[i]


Arab and African refugees have been inflow into Europe for several decades, but European cries were modest. EU mandated Libya of Qaddafi to control the flux of refugees, but in 2011, the very same US, EU criminal pact NATO destroyed Libya and assassinated the man! Today EU and US are planning to re-occupy Libya, but now their target is the entire Arab Maghrib, which if happened it will push millions refugees to Europe. This will not bother the US. While EU is coward enough to blame that the expected burden will fall over its shoulders, but will be satisfied as long as Arab wealth continues to flow into the pockets of EU capitalisms. They know how to deal in racist and criminal manner with Arab and African refugees.


As for Syria, let’s suppose that the Syrian, Saudi, Gulf, Islamic terrorists decide independently by themselves and without any role, support and relationship with imperialism, Zionism and Arab dependent regimes, i.e. Counter-Revolution, to conquer the Syrian regime, how did the foreigners reach Syria? And from where they did they get several billions of dollars in the forms of money liquidity, tanks, artillery, rockets logistic facilities including satellites? Who finance them[ii] and who is still collecting, producing and facilitating receiving all new forms of destructive machines other than western corporations protected by NATO, Turkey, Jordan and Gulf monarchies?[iii]


It must be noted that the capitalist economy of core capitalist countries is dominated by multinational corporations with is a system of accumulation that had  reached the era of financialized monopoly capital engaged in speculation more than real economic activities, i.e. financialization transcends real economy and accumulates a huge amounts of lazy capital which fails to generate productive activities. Accordingly, war is a necessary route for their corporations to sell its Weapons of Human Annhilation (WHA)[iv] which used against people and aims to control and gain land and resources . Fortunately, the profits from those wars generate more money for economies which is unable to invest and expand. It is more money for a shrinking number of people.


Does the Civil Society in the EU know that Saudi Arabia never produced any sophisticated products and that their capitalism is the source of all WHA, and their working class is producing those weapons which push Syrian refugees to EU? The irony is that EU working class protects its ruling and exploiting bourgeois. Even most of left in Germany is bribing the bourgeois elite of Syrian Kurds to separate from Syria pretending that a “communist” utopian regime will emerge from that dependent feudal elite, repeating the same crime of the former USSR supporting of Zionist Ashkenazi Regime ZAR. This racist Nazi left never looked at the result of Western/Zionist support of feudal leadership in Kurdistan Iraq.[v]


Humanity now does not need more evidence that all terrorist groups were created by the West, Saudi Arabia and all Gulf colonies only producing:

a. Wahabi and Moslem Brother’s educated terrorists

b. Oil rent to finance the destruction of Syria through those terrorists.


Turkey and “Zionist Ashkenazi Regime – Israel” (ZAR) are cashing on trickle-down of our blood, while the lion “dog” share goes to western capitalism.


It is natural that the destruction of any place must push civilians to leave and escape war, this is very well known to EU and US rulers and even to all social classes especially while they themselves are the designers and the beneficiaries of the war against Syria.


Few days before writing this article, the West rejected Russia’s proposed resolution submitted to Security Counsel aiming at prohibiting foreign intervention in Syria. Any foreign intervention is against the sovereignty of Syria as a member of the UN. The pretence of Western ruler that they want cease fire in Syria! The same West that destroyed Iraq 1991 when Sadam Hussein restored Kuwait which was an  Iraqi Willayah (province) number 19, under the pretence that Iraq invade a member of UN!


What does the West’s rejection of Russian suggested resolution mean?


It means that Syria shouldn’t resist the invasion which is in most of its land.


Sovereignty and resistance are natural and basic right of any country. But, for the West, Arab Syrian state is an exception. In fact, when the invasion stops, then cease-fire will takes place because there will be no enemy to resist.


When the Syrian army lost parts of Syria for the local and foreign terrorists the West did not ask for cease-fire. Does that means other than the fact that the West is the real invader?


Western racists argue that Syrian refugees must go to Saudi Arabia! What a genius suggestion! Those people are ignorant. Saudi Arabia and all Gulf regimes are very racists especially against Arabs. They deliberately employ non-Arab workers. It is because they knew that Arabs believe that the wealth there is an Arab one and the Gulf rulers are steal that wealth collecting trickle-down of it after the imperialist corporations swallows most of it.


But, there is another good reason why Syrians did not go to Saudi and Gulf racist colonies. Syrian citizens who born, educated and grew in a secular regime, can’t bear life under regimes of Medieval ages mentality strangely mixed with dependency on the one hand, and property of financial capital on the other! It is like monopoly capital on the back of a camel which is called Amir/prince.


The irony is that many westerners knew that Syrian regime is a secular one, but when it comes to an end of war and the issue of refugees who fled to EU, the west retreats to argue that Syrians must go to the Gulf!


EU rulers avoid to criticize Saudi Arabia neither for launching war against Syria nor in its rejection to welcome Syrian refugees!


What is funny is that many Europeans are praising Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan for absorbing Syrian refugees!


For Turkish “Ottoman” racist fascist colonialism, the refugees are a material and ammunition for war against Syria. Turkey established refugee camps even before refugees started to flee from Syria. Turkey’s aggression against Syria might be summarized in two steps:


1- It is used thousands of refugees and foreign terrorists to invade Syria, like the Contras against Sandinista Nicaragua aiming at toppling the Syrian regime in few months and to cut off all the north of Syria in addition to one third of Syria occupied by Ottomans for four centuries of Ottoman colonialism of Arab Homeland, and more since decades when French colonialism in Syria donated two large parts of Syria to Turkey.


2- When Turkey realized the Syrian regime steadfastness and that it started defeating terrorists and its dream for no fly zone evaporated, it started throwing the refugees to Europe aiming to cash money because the racist Europe will never accept them.


Jordan is a part of Syria donated by imperialist Sikes-Picot plan/conspiracy (1916) to a feudal dependent family in 1921 to play the role of eastern wall protecting the coming ZAR in Palestine. As a very poor area, Jordan must survive by playing a client state role against Arab nation and thus benefited from each catastrophe in Arab Mashriq: Palestine occupation by Zionist settlers 1948, and 1967, Lebanon crisis 1982, Iraqi crisis 1991 and 2003, and now on Syrian one. Syrian refugee camps in Jordan are an open market for five dirty deeds:

– A store for recruiting terrorists against Syria;

– A pool for rich Gulf sexual rapists to buy Syrian girls for sex;

– A regime which controls, and for sure cuts, the donations which are intended for the refugees;

– A station for terrorists coming from many places to infiltrate to Syria, and

– A base for the MOC (“ilitary Operations Center) against Syria led by US criminal regime in addition to ZAR, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others.


Lebanese regime started early on smuggling ships full of weapons and terrorists to Syria. Syrian refugees to Lebanon were accepted due to Lebanon’s regime belief that the Syrian regime will face fast collapse, but Lebanon corrupt regime, like others receive a lot of donations for the refugees and no one knew how much stolen.


Turkish, Lebanese and Jordanian treatment of Syrian refugees is not better that that of the West. That is why when the refugees had the chance to vote, they vote for President Assad as it is well known in Lebanon.


Historical experience shows that EU absorption of refugees is based on economic needs. Racism is there in the culture and under the skin. But, material interests, i.e. money always transcend culture. The neo-Nazi Germany absorbed what German capitalists need of qualified Syrian cheap labor. Other EU members who are in deep financialization crisis did not.[vi] That is why it is in their interest to prolong the war against Syria, all Arab Homeland and the world.


There is no doubt that the West is very interested in destroying any Arab independent regime to maintain stealing of Arab wealth. Some Arab and pro-Arab writers rightly argue that the West which steals our wealth and led the war against our Homeland must welcome Arab refugees until Syrian crisis is resolved.  But, the West which is planning for a new occupation of Libya, will re-occupy Syria even if the current regime collapses when there is benefit for second occupation and this will create a new refugees wave.  Sure the West must accept our refugees since it occupies most of Arab Homeland. When it withdraws from our land, we will never seek refuge at all.




[ii] MICHAEL HUDSON wrote “… Libya’s central bank resources were robbed and also turned over to ISIS. When America marched into Iraq, it turned the Sunni army and all those billions of dollars of shrink-wrapped hundred-dollar bills over ultimately to ISIS”. Source: The New Global Financial Cold War, by MICHAEL HUDSON Counter Punch, FEBRUARY 19, 2016

[iii] Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns? By Tony Cartalucci Global Research, February 20, 2016 New Eastern Outlook 9 June 2015

[iv] While weapons of mass destruction (WMD), implies the use of  nuclear weapons  against man, places and nature, Weapons of Human Annihilation  (WHA) is the destruction that is in fact designed against people and aims to control and gain land and resources after that .

Iraq, and Libya are good examples. Human beings are murdered like insects, but oil is protected. Libya will be re-occupied to make oil fields safe again. In Iraq, millions of Iraqis were killed and civilization was wiped out, but oil is still safe and protected by US, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan and is allowed to reach western ships owned by Multinational Corporations which carry it to the Israel Zionist Ashkenazi Regime – Israel  and Arab renter countries and from there to world market. Its revenues are shared by all, but not by the Iraqi people.

WHA goes with the criminal thinking of Malthus who suggested that wars and illness to minimize the number of poor people, and goes more with the former US fascist Secretary of State H. Kissinger who argued for war against Third World peoples to minimize their number. Both colonial capitalist criminals want land and wealth not human beings. Finally, WHA should be understood in the context of genocide of the American Natives in North America as an early method of annihilation for the purpose of control land and resources and building capital accumulation.


[v] Collapse of Iraqi Kurdistan By Andre Vltchek Global Research, February 16, 2016 RT 14 February 2016