In this issue: Brussels From Enjoying Global Capital To the Bitterness of Global Terror



In this issue:


Brussels From Enjoying Global Capital

To the Bitterness of Global Terror

Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine


Why all those cries, lies, and hypocrisy in the globalized West following ISIS massacre in Brussels while in fact Brussels itself was an incubator and even capital for those who conducted the massacre.


Globalization is a new term for an old project started from the first very naïve simple invasion of tribe against another, the first invasion by a state against another, and since the first empire decided to extend its domination over the land of others. This was the practice all empires. Many nations liked to invade others, but failed due to weakness.


Humanity must be, and it is human and universal by nature. But, globalism is a wild and aggressive child of universal humanity.


Every human activity contains a soul, power, and motive pushing it towards universalism. Ideas struggle to move from one head to another, from one place to another. Every piece of poetry, any every word from a philosopher, or song of a singer, not to mention music, are all of those human activities that tries to reach every corner in the world.


When a genius made the axe to conquer a tiny part of nature he was in the range of human universalism in its struggle to acquire enough food to sustain himself. But the difference between theoretical and art production on the one hand, and producing tools for material production on the other is that tools for material production inject in the history of humanity the germ of private property which since its inception terminates the humanity of universalism or put it in indefinite conflict with globalism. One of the main dangerous results of private property is the historical defeat of women which continues until today.


Based on private ownership, the owner who did not work became in a position of power, the power of ownership, strong enough to control, exploit and suppress producers of material goods, progressive thoughts, poetry and art.  His ownership enabled him to recruit intellectuals, philosophers, writers who justify his acquired ownership of production of others through false argument that private ownership is holy and sacred. Those are called by Gramsci the organic intellectuals of ruling class, the owning class who also recruits police and army to quill any revolt. But, at the same time, Gramsci wrote that life breeds critical, and revolutionary intellectuals.


This short introduction enables us to move through the various stages of history to deduce and say that all wars in history were motivated by some form and level of globalization until today where humanity falls into the most wild stage which is capitalism where the capitalist mode of production dominates nearly all social formations in the globe, a mode whose main feature and goal is to acquire, by any means, unlimited profit for one class. Unlimited capitalist profit justifies geographic invasion, historical destruction, cultural oppression …etc. as long as the result which is more profit. This is the essence of capitalism as the most brutal stage in history which designs huge machines of theorizations, argumentations and media propaganda to hide its ugly deeds and face.


One of the big lies of capitalism is that the globe under capitalism became “one village”. This pretence is a distortion of universalism for the sake of globalism. The globe is one village only for capitalism where it’s steals commodities from producers and moves freely. Capital in a form of commodities or money liquidity and even electronic transfers is intruding every corner of the globe searching for profit even if it will came through trading with the bones of the dead, while workers as producers, are not allowed to move freely, it’s movement is not globalized, but only according to capitals demand. Labor is a commodity that is mobilized by capital.


There is no global village, but a global farm for capital. In the global era, the world, as a market, became a globalized public sector for all capitalist class/es. It is a village of two contradictory sectors:


·       Downtown – the center

·       Shanty town – the periphery


The center enters every single part of periphery in a free movement which is prohibited for periphery unless got permission and breed profit. People of periphery, especially the popular classes, infiltrate to center secretly and under real danger.


Hundreds of thousands of Latin American workers try to infiltrate Mexican/US borders looking for work in the US. Some succeed and most of them either die in the desert or are caught, humiliated, and thrown back to Mexico.


History and even current events explain that the US is exploiting, steeling and sucking wealth form Latin America. For sure, those workers are not motivated by the right to restore their continent’s stolen wealth. They need a revolutionary international movement to put them on the right track.


Then, it is worth confirming that invasion started, and continues, from the capitalist core to the periphery. Accordingly, it is logical that the periphery must do the same in every possible way and means including those who look for work, smuggle or terror.


To cover its brutal history and current aggression, western capitalism in its current global era pretends that ISIS massacre in Brussels is one of the manifestations of Syrian crisis. The west pretends as well that the crisis in Syria is a result of dictatorship regime in Syria.


There is no space here to remind this West that the Syrian regime is secular, anti-dependency to the West and anti-oil renter of Gulf regimes, anti-normalization with Zionist Ashkenazi Regime and it is the Arab regime number one which provide women equality and nearly emancipation.


The West used Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain to recruit and finance Wahhabi educated lumpen-prolitarrait from the globe to infiltrate into Syria. Turkey plays the role of station to welcome all those terrorists, send them to Syria  and used Islam and Moslem Brothers as a sparehead to restore its colonial past over Arab Homeland.


Brussels as the capital of NATO and imperialist EU is the capital of European terrorists as well who gathered there and were easily transferred to Syria through Turkey and proxy Arab regimes of Jordan and Lebanon. French Homos were volunteered to “liberate” Syria from Assad!





Etre homo en Syrie sous les bombes: une double peine)


Here is the role of the west behind Brussels massacre through two factors:


First: The west’s old and new targeting, hostility and enmity against Arab Homeland. Arab wealth motivate them to put all their means and resources to topple Syria,


Second: The West, Turkey, Gulf rulers, Moslem Brothers, ZAR and even Hamas falls into miscalculations depends on the false analysis that Syrian regime will collapse in few months.


While the West thought that the exported terrorists will somehow either gain victory or die in Syria. But those western rulers failed to recognize that the terrorists will be defeated. The West even accepts the return of some of the western terrorists to return to Europe without being aware that those terrorists will fight in Europe itself, they neglected the fact that animal needs meat.


The West as the creator and protector of Arab Gulf backward regimes, and the manufacturer of al-Qaida, al-Nusra, ISIS, and another tiny terrorist groups thought that the terrorists who return from Syria will live in the west peacefully!


The right ruling regimes in the West, and the Zionist left there, especially the Trotskyites, in their collusion with ISIS failed to understand that ISIS has its own universalism, the Khilafa all over the world. When the terrorists returned to Europe, the EU police did not arrest them, but left them to move free.


What Europe forgot that it deliberately did not contain those Muslims and treat them on equal base with other Europeans. Discrimination made those terrorists a fragile group ready to adopt the ideology of regime and forces of Politicized Islamic Religion (PIR), i.e. Saudi Arabia and Muslim Brothers.


Both, the western discrimination and PIR ideology separated those potential terrorists from joining class struggle with working classes in Europe or even to engage in social struggle.


This the socio-political and economic climate which motivate those western youths to choose the short way for change, any change, in their role and life albeit it is terror.


But, despite of the unbelievable brutal two forms of terror against Arab nation which are:


·  either universal capitalist western terror, i.e. capitalism in its three eras of colonialism, imperialism and globalism on the one hand,

·  and the various terror of  PIR on the other hand,


despite that, I am afraid that what is coming is more dangerous. It is because the so-called civil society in the West still prefers enjoying stealing Arab and periphery’s wealth despite the fact that it leads to massacres.


To find out that Turkish people re-elect a terrorist political Islamic rule, French president declares that “France is in war”, means with Islam, and in the US the new candidate for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton not satisfied by Obama’s proxy war against Syria, and declare publicly that she will occupy and purge Syria for the sake ZAR, and at the same time the audience is crying in her support for her, while she must be in jail because of her promises, all this means that what is coming is a catastrophe.

(Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel” By The New Observer Global Research, March 22, 2016)


Globalized capital, false global village, former global capitalist terror will inevitably breed global terror.