Antagonistic Contradiction Solved by Peoples’ Resistance, Life is Resistance not by Compromise, Dr. Adel Samara

Note from KOL:

The following are excerpts from a recent interview The Guardian  newspaper had with Dr. Adel Samara.

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From a Marxist class/national point view, I am more than critical but against the Palestinian Authority (PA) which falls into dividing its’ Homeland, in trickle-down manner, with a white settler colonial capitalist invaders who were created and are continuously supported by the world capitalist center.  By doing that, the PA is a tool for a regime of slaves for  imperialism from the Prime Minister down to the street cleaners. That is why; I stood against the Oslo Accords (1993) right from the very beginning.

The PA as a product of Oslo is a deviation of the Palestinian struggle from national liberation to statist considering that Oslo Accords represent:

  • Peace for capital
  • A gradual annexation of West Bank/Gaza (WBG) ruled by the following equation: A commitment from the capitalist center to finance the PA regime so as to enable it to keep Oslo Accords alive, i.e. it is a rent for a political compromise.
  • Limiting Arab-Zionist conflict as it is between Palestinians and the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR).
  • Ignoring the fact that all the conflict (and the wars) were essentially with the World capitalist center more than it is with the ZAR only.

The most important turning point which led to Oslo Accords was the Palestinian Intifada of 1987 which made the enemy certain that people’s resistance will never stop and that put PLO leadership under the threat that a new leadership is rising the WBG which led both parties (“Israel”-PLO)  to negotiate.

The irony is that the compromise started and continued at the cost of our rights for an enemy which has no rights on the one hand, and on the other had never (the enemy) made any form of compromise, but is planning and lately declaring that this land is exclusively the land of the so-called Jewish people.

History of peoples’ struggle and the struggle of the Palestinian people confirm that a settler colonial regime and society is unable to change. While ZAR practically occupies the entire country of Palestine, the last “Law of Nationality”, it (ZAR) declares that it is here by brut force.

As for the issue of one or two states solutions, the fact is that ZAR changed all of the occupied Palestine since 5th of June 1967 as a “State for All its’ Settlers”.

Accordingly, any Palestinian or Arab who was and or still is preaching in support of one/joint or two states solution is no more that a person who has a surplus time for amusement.

Because this PA has been brought about by people’s enemy, the US and ZAR, it is controlled by them and implement their conditions to terminate resistance. For and exchange of this role, the PA receives large amounts of poisoned money that feeds its’ corruption. Most of that money, I believe is channeled from the Oil rental regimes to the so-called Donor countries. This means that the Arab dependent regimes especially those that adopt the ideology of Politicized Religion are disintegrating our struggle by financing a corrupted regime which over a period of 25 years had built around itself a class alliance composed of comprador, bureaucrat, and police junta.

Evaluation of a regime is possible in the case of normal sovereign one. But in the case of the PA, (which accepts to live under colonial rule and subjects itself to its conditions), it is not wise to compare between its’ good and bad deeds. Nothing in life is absolutely bad

Occupied Palestine.

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