Welcome to Germany, our Rising Imperialist Enemy, Dr. Adel Samara

Many Communists and Leftists are Real Boys of NATO

Dr. Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

Fragile countries, ​​parties, and intellectuals are a magnet for colonialism.

At the beginning of the new Western capitalist-imperialist invasion under the label “non-governmental organizations,” those Western colonizers were looking for someone who would accept to deal with:

  • As a tool to penetrate peripheral societies and,
  • To hide behind him, their ugly face and history especially during the era of the Cold War.

Few years later, i.e. after the end of Cold War, the imperialist west discovered in periphery a large number of intellectuals who are ready to accept that bad job, but even a lot of those intellectuals become competing to carry that dirty job and fall in a race of how to write a “clever/technical” proposal as a tool for begging request for financing” submitted to everyone who provides poisoned money, that is, from the West, oil Gulf entities, and even anywhere!

The regime of Germany was among the Western imperialist regimes that quickly invaded countries of the periphery to catch those who were struggling to acquire any money and ready to pay any price.

 But why am I referring here only to Germany? Because Germany in practicing two dirty jobs at once:

a.   NGOized left.

b.   German left has deteriorated to support terror in Syria and even supports NATO and considers it a fighter against imperialism!

 This in addition to other characteristics of German imperialism itself which are different, but not unique, from other imperialist regimes. i.e.

 • Because Germany has the strongest economy in Europe.

• She has a colonial and Nazi experience, of course, so she hates the Arabs, begging and submitting to the Zionists.

• Many Arab intellectuals who have turned from Marxism, Arabism, into promoters of liberalism and neoliberals gather in Germany.

‘Research centers, and consequently they have left Arab Homeland; become living on the margins of German orientalist institutions, including the new orientalism, Terrorist Orientalism. I will not mention the living among them, as they may be “ashamed”, but I will mention a departed, i.e.  The late Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm.

• The availability of Arab and Palestinian NGOs who are rushing to beg for funding, many of those NGO members found it a profitable game which encourages some of them to split from their mother NGO even though they are from the same political background and current, especially the “left”!

• Those Arab and Palestinian NGOs received support from various German NGOs including the so-called German Left, especially most of the “Marxist” “Delinka” party members which was the founder of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation which is an instrument of Zionist colonialism and is more dangerous than German right-wing NGOs, like Frederick Ebert.

Those characteristics of German imperialism were welcomed by:

a.   The false activities of local NGOs which camouflaged behind big slogans, i.e. Development”, were rarely criticized here, a reason that encourages local and foreign NGOs to continue sabotaging the Arab collective consciousness and Zionizes it.

b. Critical intellectuals are satisfied with criticizing the financing of imperialism and the Gulf for Gaza and Ramallah Palestinian regimes as the right wings, and they do not talk about their conspiracy of financing the left!

As for the leftist Rosa Luxembourg German NGO, it plays the role of cultural financial invasion, especially in the occupied territories, Lebanon and Jordan. Its’ main office for Arab Mashreq is based in Tel Aviv, the major city in the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity (ZAE).

 On 26-28 June 2009, a contractor from the German colonial left, director of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Regional Office Palestine & Jordan ), pledged to unite the Palestinian left, so he held a conference for them that cost tens of thousands of dollars in the Red Crescent building in the city of Al-Bireh. I happened to go there.

The director of the German Rosa Luxemburg NGO who sponsors the meeting, “Peter” spoke in a colonial orientalist “colonialist” manner and directed the so-called Palestinian left sharp criticism, including that: they are, the Palestinian left, criticizing the Palestinian Authority but that they themselves are corrupted as well…etc. By chance, after he had finished speaking, he sat next to me, as neither of us knew the other. I wrote to him:

“As long as you are critical that much, how come that you finance this corrupt left? I think your organization is colonial.”

He wrote to me:

“The problem is that others do not organize themselves” (See Kanaan, Issue 139 October 2009 pp. 8-12.)

He repeats Marx’s phrase, “Those who do not represent themselves… are represented by others.”

 Two years later in 2011, the German left through its NGOs rejoiced at the Syrian “revolution” which is a plan designed by the western intelligence services applied by Arab regimes especially those of the clientele Gulf regimes who provide this “revolution” by its two main factors:

  • The human power, the terrorist youths, and
  • The money for training, arming, paying salaries for the terrorists and the living costs for their families.

In addition to that, the German Left which contempts of Nazism racism, anti Arab and apologetic to the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity, supports and funds the Zionist Kurds who are supported by the US imperialism, the ZAR and Arab regimes and organizations of Politicized Islamic Religion PIR who launches terrorist war against the Syrian Arab state.

The cultural and media outlets of the German Left claimed that “a socialist state will be established in the part of Syria occupied by the Zionist Kurds, even though 90 percent of the Syrian Kurds are immigrants to Syria after where Turkey used them to slaughter Armenians in 1915 and slaughters the same Kurds after they carried this dirty job. In fact, Kurds and Armenians immigrated to Syria and Arab Mashriq after those massacres by the Turks, a century ago.

For comparison, while the Armenians pledge to Syria, many Kurds, especially their leaders, betray the state which welcomed them were exploiting the terror war against Syria trying to cut off the land which does not belong to them to build a Zionist Kurdish entity. As noted above, the German left is the main source of support for the Zionized Kurds. Moreover, they are supported by the US occupation of part of Syria, especially al-Tanaf military base.

The German and other left which support the Syrian Kurds under the pretext that they will create a socialist state are repeating the crime of the USSR when they thought that the Jewish settlers in Palestine were building a socialist state!

Moreover, it is well known that the parliamentary bloc of the so-called “November 17, 2017, revolutionaries,” in Lebanon including the Lebanese Communist Party, was funded by the US and French imperialists, the Saudi backward regime and international NGOs including those of German left.

Currently, the German and tens of other communist parties from several countries are supporting the terrorist war against Arab republics, especially Syria, deteriorated to play in the hands of NATO, to be, the left of NATO where stands with imperialist expansion to the borders of Russia! Those Communist parties are led by the Communist Party of Greece and unfortunately, including the communist parties of the occupied Palestine, Syria, and Algiers. It is really astonishing since the three parties are from the Arab countries that suffered the most (and still do) from colonialism, imperialism, and settler colonialism!

Those Communist parties deteriorating to be supporters of NATO remind us of the deep secret alliance between Nazism and Western countries before and during the Second Imperialist War, where everyone’s goal was to destroy the Soviet Union.

The same “Rosa Luxembourg NGO” is dangerously active in the occupied territories and many Arab countries, and stands today against the Russian defensive war against NATO:

 The Rosa Luxemburg website (a research center of the German Left Party) published an editorial expressing:

 “The Europeans left today. After the writer blames and criticizes the various left currents for not having sufficiently understood the danger of Russia in the past, he concludes that “NATO” today has become an “anti-imperialist defensive alliance.”

Is there more sabotage of the collective human consciousness than considering the bloody “NATO” as a defensive alliance against imperialism, meaning Russia and behind it China?

Is there anything more dangerous to human awareness than such a fake as NATO shown as a revolutionary organization!

The same is the manifesto which was published by more than 40 communist parties from several countries which consider Russia as an imperialism fighting in Ukraine another imperialism, the western one! (  (Thursday, March 10, 2022 the stance of the communists towards the imperialist war in Ukraine, By Nikos Mottas. Nikos Mottas is the Editor-in-Chief of In Defense of Communism.)

It is clear that the Greek communist party is in front of this shameful position.

Those communist parties, I call them the “Communist Boys of NATO”.


A lot of Arab and other communists who signed that compromising manifesto that support NATO provoked my article and replied nervously. One of the reasons of that nervousness is the passive tradition in a lot of countries that any communist is far from making mistakes because they adopt the scientific theory, i.e. Marxism…etc.

Unfortunately, a lot of communist parties and organizations are compromising to imperialism which, in fact, means that they did not learn the lesson of the disintegration of the USSR, the collapse of the socialist bloc where imperialism was one of the main factors behind that defeat.

Like Trotskyites, a lot of Maoists fall into the same trap and consider capitalist Russia as an imperialist country. They failed to separate their right to stand against capitalism and the fact that the Russian leadership led to the collapse of the USSR and after that, the Yeltsin leadership is not the same Russian leadership of today which is fighting in defense of their nation and land. This is in addition to the fact that imperialism, according to Lenin’s definition never applied to current Russia:

In his book “(Lenin, Imperialism, and the Highest Stage of Capitalism: A Popular Outline, Progress Publishers. Moscow, Sixteenth printing 1975. Several pages)

Defines Imperialism as follows:

 1-“The concentration of production and capital developed to such a high stage that it created monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life”,

There may be major monopolies in Russia, but there production and capital is in fact in the hands of Russian and Zionist Jews oligarchy which mainly tailed to western MNCs and that is why they are against the Russian defense war in Ukraine.

 2-“The merging of banking capital with industrial capital, and the creation, on the basis of this “finance capital,” of a financial oligarchy”;

As well as we know, six of the big seven banks are owned by Zionist Jews in Russia, and this financial oligarchy is more loyal to the West than to Russia itself.

3-”The export of capital as distinguished from the export of commodities acquires exceptional importance;”

Russia never reached the role or level to export capital and even its export of commodities is in the form of rent, i.e. wheat, oil, and gas. In fact, those products enable Russia to challenge imperialism in the current war to the extent that I consider the tools of the current war, mainly or at least until now, rental tools.

4-“The formation of international monopolist capitalist associations which share the world among themselves”

Russia after the collapse of the USSR tried, as a capitalist regime, to enter NATO but was rejected. Russia was accepted as a member of the WTO according to the same WTO rule, but Russia did not have a share in the international monopolist capitalist associations, but in fact, Russia became the provider of raw materials to the most sophisticated technical western industrial monopolies. Its position is an inferior one. But, the western dependence on some of the most important, sensitive, and necessary Russian raw materials gave Russia during the war an upper hand by decreasing oil and gas exports and stopping providing the west with some of the sensitive raw materials, i.e. nickel, neon gas, titanium, palladium …etc. This form of Russian involvement in the capitalist world market proves that:

  • Russia decided to become a capitalist regime
  • Russia opened its economy to the western companies
  • While Russia agrees to be an inferior partner in the world market, the West intends to exploit Russia and keep it in an inferior position.

(5) “The territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers is completed”.

While the territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers has been completed since Lenin’s time, many changes took place since then. The division took other forms, i.e. unequal exchange, but Russia neither during the USSR time nor after, was never part of unequal exchange either because of its small economy or because it is not a big producer of developed industries except weapons.

To end with Palestinian affairs, when ZAR accused, a few months six local/Palestinian NGOs that they are either terrorists or affiliated with Palestinian resistance factions, the Zionist Entity targeted the financial resources of the Palestinian NGOs, i.e. the international NGOs.

To protect their financial resources, those Palestinian NGOs received Zionists in Ramallah in the name of solidarity with those Palestinian NGOs. This form of a relationship is considered by Palestinian public opinion as normalization with the enemy because our people insist that the occupied part of Palestine in 1948 is the largest part of Palestine occupied by settler colonialists. Any person living there is part of the enemy and his solidarity with the Palestinians inside the occupied part of Palestine in 1967 is in fact based on the pretense that any Israeli who came from so-called Israel makes solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank meant that Palestine is only, the West Bank and Gaza!

The German Rosa Luxemburg NGO is one of the international NGOs that encourages normalization between Palestinian NGOs and those of the Zionist entity. I myself wrote criticizing the Palestinian NGOs as normalizers of Zionists. I believe that revealing facts to people is the most beautiful act in an ugly time.


The opinions and views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Kana’an’s Editorial Board.