A Reading of the Confrontation

with a Perspective on Recent History, Dr. Adel Samara

(This fast analysis was requested by leftist comrades in France and other foreign countries)

The Zionist entity differs from other White Settler Colonial Capitalist Settlements in that the global imperialist capitalist system is their metropolis/motherland, rather than a single imperialist state, i.e. metropolis. It has been a settler colonialism rooted in Zionist ideology from its’ mere beginning. Zionism is based on religious biblical myths, denying its secular claims, and from its very beginning aiming to establish a state. Thus, it is not merely a colonization resulting from European human surplus migration, especially in two historical phases: The Crusades of the Franks in the Arab East and the European human surplus migrations to the Americas​, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Algeria. Those followed the Western colonial invasions in the phase of capitalist and imperialist era.

 While other white settlements reduced the number of imported or recruited migrants, the Zionist entity continued to bring settlers. It is an armed gang sent by imperialism to suicidally seize a homeland. Consequently, it will fight until the end and will even resort to nuclear means.  

 The Zionist entity is the only case in modern global history that is supported by major world powers, i.e., the communist and the social democracy blocs, imperialism, and many Arab subservient regimes, albeit indirectly.

 Therefore, the attack on Palestine was premeditated. The Zionist entity is the occupation of a part of the Arab homeland, completing the imperialist targeting of the entire Arab homeland for three centuries. This means that the Palestinian issue is Arab, and not just Palestinian. It must be noted that the Arab Homeland was and still is the most targeted area by imperialism in the globe, and internally by regimes that are enemies of their own nation. In all the wars waged by this entity, it was not alone or by its own strength; Western capitalist imperialism has been and still is a military, human, armament, financial, ideological, and cultural partner and leader of the entity. It is a replacer entity; therefore, it caused displacement and refuge beyond the occupied Palestinian homeland.

Due to this relationship with imperialism, this Zionist entity is a strategic investment for imperialism. Regardless of how much money, weapons, soldiers, and expertise imperialism invests in it, it profits strategically because the entity protects its exploitation of the Arab homeland by hindering Arab unity, obstruction Arab development, and perpetuating the plunder of resources of the Arab homeland.

Given the above, we can interpret what happened since October 7th 203 in the current battle for the experimental model, and pilot project for liberating Palestine.

The Hamas Guerilla battle was precise, bold, and a rapid breakthrough that confirmed that the Arab-Zionist conflict is a struggle between the Arab nation and its counter-revolutionary trinity which is composed of an alliance of the imperialist capitalist center, the Zionist entity, and the Arab ruling regimes and classes, whether they are comprador or parasitic, affiliated with ruling Arab Zionists.

 This means that the conflict is antagonistic. The armed operation led by Hamas was not just an ordinary clash but an initial model for the comprehensive liberation war and this made the counter-revolution furious.

We call it a necessary liberation war because all the United Nations resolutions since 1948 about the Palestinians’ right to return to the occupied part of their Homeland in 1948 were not fulfilled. The Zionist entity occupied the rest of Palestine and parts of other Arab countries in 1967, forcing Egypt and Syria to continue the struggle even after the 1967 defeat.

The Arab nation, not the regimes, aims for the Palestinians’ return through liberation, not the appeasement of the United Nations. As for the involvement of Arab regimes in the Palestinian liberation struggle some Arab states did not fight for the liberation of Palestine, especially Arab kingdoms and emirates since the 1948 war until today, but Arab republican regimes have fought since 1948 and 1967.  

After the defeats in 1948 and 1967, Egypt Syria and to a large extent Iraq and Algeria launched the 1973 war and achieved a real victory against the Zionist Ashkenazi Entity, but faced, direct military intervention by the United States and the West to prevent any Arab victory. The US Secretary of State at that time Henry Kissinger, who was a Jew, declared that: “Arabs must not gain victory”. He also said that we never thought that Arabs have the courage to fight Israel”! 

Following the 1973 war, there were a lot of proposed solutions including the recognition of Israel within the 1948 borders and the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, a proposal endorsed by several Arab states but rejected by Israel.

The goal of the Palestinian people and the writer of this text argue for the liberation of all of Palestine, not just the territories occupied in 1967, emphasizing the return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland. This perspective challenges imperialist capitalism exploitation of the region and opposes the Zionist entity, considering it the main tool for this exploitation and backwardness of the Arab Homeland. The permanent Palestinian resistance, the Arab armies’ victory in 1973, and the Lebanese resistance victories in 2000 and 2006 challenge the notion that the Zionist army is invincible, highlighting successful Arab resistance. The current Hamas victory is an unchallenged fact. I also suggest that the portrayal of the conflict as solely between the Zionist entity and Arabs is part of a psychological war. This narrative aims to make Arabs feel weak and cowardly, discouraging them from fighting.  Taking into consideration the large difference between the Arab masses and the client Arab regimes, especially in the current Arab Zionist conflict, we need to distinguish between Arab regimes and the Arab masses, popular classes. We must focus on a fundamental issue: the necessity for the people to completely break away from and divorce the ruling Arab regime as a condition to continue the struggle towards: Establishing a centralized Arab state and Arab unity, and achieving victory of the central cause of the conflict, the Palestinian issue, the liberation of Palestine.

This battle also confirmed our analysis and reading of the structure of the Zionist entity, which is a gathering of settlers from a hundred nations. Therefore, there is no Israeli nation, no Israeli nationalism, and no unified Israeli culture. What exists is a military assembly united in fighting to prevent the Arabs from liberating Palestine.

This battle confirms the fact that several Western countries that are hostile to Arabs, have declared comprehensive support for the Zionist entity in this battle, and protested against the capture or killing of some of their nationals in the Zionist entity who are settlers and also soldiers, which proves our theory that this entity is a collection of settlers from many nations similar to the United Nations.

In the few days of this battle, Western media rushed to defend the Zionist entity, accusing Hamas and all Palestinian organizations of being ruthless and killing civilians, etc. It is well-known that in any war, civilians may be killed, hence the principle of protecting civilians was formulated. This is different from deliberately targeting civilians. We can summarize the brutality of the Zionist Entity against the Palestinian people for a hundred years as follows:

Remember that the Nazis committed severe and intensive massacres against the Jews, but the Zionist Jews have been committing an extended massacre against the Palestinian people for hundred years. No sensible person can ignore that this militarized state, armed with nuclear weapons, exists on the land of another people. No one can ignore the brutality of Zionist soldiers against Palestinian civilians, especially women and children. Today, the Zionist entity is cutting off water, electricity, food, and communications for more than two and a half million Palestinians in Gaza.

The Restriction of Resistance to Palestinians … Treachery

For years, those behind the defeat have labeled the conflict as Palestinian-Israeli, stripping the Palestinian cause of its Arab essence in an overt attempt to support the Zionist entity and normalize relations with it a failed political discourse.

However, in the last two years, a discourse with the same goal but entirely different tools emerged. Following the expansion of the armed struggle in the occupied West Bank, with militants marching in Nablus and Jenin, and the people making bold sacrifices, the official media, including the axis of resistance media, began to amplify the Palestinians’ struggle to the extent that some began to claim that Palestinians alone would uproot the Zionist entity.

In reality, this dangerous trend serves the interests of the Zionist entity as well. On the one hand, it ignores the fact that the entity occupied Palestine serves as a tool against the entire Arab nation. The event forced itself to be recognized so that the situation could be rectified, standing on its own feet instead of like a Hegelian dialectic, standing on its head as Marx once wrote. Targeted by the counter-revolution, Arab nation were always undermined. The restriction of the struggle to Palestinians and the claim of their ability alone to defeat the Zionist entity, which fundamentally embodies all counter-revolutionary forces, aims at undermining the Arab role in the conflict, leaving the greater nation in a state of fragmentation and division. This led to inter-Arab wars, such as the 1991 cooperation between Arab armies and imperialist armies against the Arab Iraqi state, a crime that contributed to the Arab Spring’s destruction in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. This was preceded by the Black Decade crimes in Algeria. Specifically, what we mean here is that the Arab role is the real strength and efficiency to confront the counter-revolution, while the Palestinian struggle is the fundamental catalyst for liberating the occupied land and igniting the revolution across the nation, leading to freedom, development, unity, and socialism for Arab Homeland.

In the context of undermining Arab identity, terrorist orientalist forces were formed, killing Arabs, i.e., terrorist politicized religious forces, against Arab republics, and Arabs against Arabs. One of the most obvious targets of the Arab nation is that the absolute siege against the secular Arab republics, i.e. Iraq during Saddam Hussein and Syria today did not occur anywhere else, not against Cuba, North Korea, or the Soviet Union following 1917 October Revolution, or against Iran today. In all these sieges, there were outlets from neighbors or strong countries that were difficult to hit their ships or exceptions allowed by the imperialist enemy.

However, in the siege against Iraq during Saddam’s time and Syria today, there was no room for any leniency. What is happening against Syria is an intentional eradication of society to scatter it globally and prevent the return of those who wish to return, effectively exterminating a people. This is a repetition of the Palestinian catastrophe.

What is happening against Palestine now, i.e. the Zionist massacre supported by the US army and many Western regimes is a deliberate fragmentation and even terminating of Palestinian resistance, dismantling every Palestinian part from the other, so they don’t participate in the struggle. This includes the forced displacement of Gaza Palestinians to Egypt.

The Zionist entity is an illegitimate armed colonial structure. It’s role, it functions is to be an agent for Western capitalist imperialism, from sanitation workers to prime ministers. It cannot be anything else. Therefore, it is a suicidal case that cannot even discuss or negotiate the imperialist goal and orders as the creators of this entity. This is its upbringing and its role. Its fate is tied to the fate of imperialism or the entire counter-revolution in the region. Some might ask: In the event of the defeat of the entity and the liberation of Palestine, what is the solution regarding the Jews? Here, it is essential to focus on that this is the third step in the destiny of the conflict.

 As Arabs, have been saying for eight decades and what Arab thinkers have been saying since the early twentieth century, this entity must be uprooted, Karl Kautsky also said in 1930 that the Jewish state in Palestine will be uprooted directly following the defeat of imperialism in the region.

The liberation of Palestine was conditioned with another two main steps:

Firstly: There must be a change in the authoritarian political reality in the greater nation towards a progressive unitary socialist one. Secondly: This means dislodging imperialist control from this nation. After fulfilling these two conditions, the liberation of Palestine becomes possible. This only results in an Arab socialist system.

Some might ask: What about the Jews in Palestine?

 Our response is that they are the ones who must choose after the liberation. Either they depart if they have another homeland and nationality, a choice they make without our involvement. Some might stay and thus become citizens of the new Arab state, but they must relinquish any Palestinian land and home. Their life and living are the responsibility of the new larger Arab state. Some might ask: But how can a socialist state insist on private ownership, even if it’s fundamentally the right of Palestinians?

 This opens up the issue that the socialist system, especially after the Chinese experience during Mao Ze Dong’s era, still relies on the law of value and has not evolved to abolish private ownership practically. This is clearer today in China because achieving this is in the transition to communism. Then the world will be in another international and human climate.

Finally, on the seventh day of the conflict and the savage American-Zionist aggression and the many Arab regimes’ conspiracy, or the Arabs’ official Zionist stooges: will the Axis of Resistance participate in defending Gaza? It’s better not to speculate until then.


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