The Political Economy of

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)
Adel Samara
It is well known that Arab and Islamic terrorist groups, especially al-Qaida were a joint production and “marriage” of US and Arab oil renter regimes, especially Saudi Arabia.
The US was and still the planner, commander, trainer and finally the seller of all weapons and logistics…etc. It is in the final analysis a business for US companies of military industrial complex.
Saudi Arabia is the financer and recruiter of fanatics on the one hand, and their educator of Wahhabi ideology (Ideology of Politicized Religion). Saudi Arabia is attracting the poor, idle, illiterate and semi-literate youth by paying them and their families a lot of money which means they guarantee life (al-Dunia) and educate them that through Jihad they will be martyrs which means they guarantee religion (al-Din God blessing).
The EU was and still is participating in these criminal policies following the US. One of EU activities was and is still facilitating transportation of terrorists to Afghanistan. I remember  (1984-87) when I was a student in London and working as economic editor of al_Arab newspaper when groups of “Mujahideen” were visiting journalists in that newspaper as they go through London in their way Pakistan and then Afghanistan. It is impossible for them to reach Afghanistan without cooperation of European and many other countries in the world. The same is true for the terrorists who are gathered today in Syria and Iraq.
In recent years, most of Gulf renter regimes followed Saudi Arabia. Rulers of Qatar are competing today with Saudi Arabia to lead the terrorist war against Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.
Based on this, the economy of al-Qaida depends totally on the renter Gulf regimes.
It seems that ISIS is pushing the relationship to a different level. ISIS reviews the experience of other terrorist groups in Syria who are stealing Syrian oil and sell it to European companies as the Kurds are smuggling Iraqi oil to western companies through Turkey.
According to French Voltaire Network, Exxon Company in Qatar, buys smuggled Iraqi oil and ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia buy oil directly from ISIS for $12 per barrel.
These companies received the green light from US and EU. In Fact companies in the core countries of capitalist world order are the real partner in state decision making especially in matters of external colonial policies.
When ISIS, last month, occupied large areas in Iraq which are rich of oil and for sure Turkey, like Saudi Arabia will give ISIS access to smuggle and “export” the stolen oil.
Reaching this stage ISIS plans to transcend its financial dependency on the regimes which had politicized religion and will certainly arrange oil export with western regimes (especially Britain and France) and companies.
If such crimes last for a certain period, oil prices might fall down to the level of harming Russia’s oil export.
The equation is: control oil fields, export through enemies of Arabs, gain large amounts of money and buy weapons from the West and continue terror expansion including the land occupied by the same oil Gulf regimes which support ISIS itself.
One might ask. Will the US let ISIS threat its dependent regimes? According to pragmatic policies every step makes profit is acceptable. If ISIS is able to occupy those monarchies, will its ideology, policies and interests be different from those of the monarchies? Mainly NO. For imperialism and Zionism, any weakening and division of any Arab state is welcomed.
The most important goal of imperialism in supporting ISIS at the present time is to continue the destruction Arab nationalist states, i.e. Syria and Iraq. This gave a grace period for all terrorist groups to participate in achieving this goal as a link in the chain of US and Zionist war against the emerging camp in Arab Homeland which is the camp of resistance.
The counter- revolution, imperialism, Zionism and Arab comprador regimes, continue their goal of targeting Arab nationalism. That is what is behind their terrorist war against nationalist regimes of Libya, Syria and Iraq. As long as terrorists are serving this strategy, they will be used and supported even if they harm the US, EU old dependents Arab regimes.
It is most likely that counter-revolution will use the terrorist groups including ISIS temporarily and then decide what to do due to the results of the war against Arab nationalism.